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Brand: SKY Controles Model: LE-7411
Controle Remoto TV AOC Smart 4k Netflix YouTubeSKY-9061 / LE-7411compatíveis: SMART TV HD 32 HDR - Modelo: 32S5295/78G SMART TV FULL HD 43 HDR - Modelo: 43S5295/78G SMART TV 4K HDR 50 - Modelo: 50U6295/78G SMART TV 4K HDR 55 - Modelo: 55U6295/78G..
Brand: SKY Controles Model: SKY-7818
Controle Remoto TV LCD, LED H-BUSTER ATT-7818 SKY-7818Modelos Compatíveis:HBTV 22DO2JD / HBTV-3203HD /42D01HD / 3603..
Brand: SKY Controles Model: SKY-7008
Controle Remoto Tv Lcd Panasonic NetFlix LE-7008 / Vc-a8088SKY-7008 / FBG-7008Panasonic Plasma LCD LED 3D Smart UniversalCompatibilidade:-N2QAYB000487 -N2QAYB000572 -N2QAYB000350- -N2QAYB000485 -N2QAYB000100- -N2QAYB000221 -N2QAYB000570- -N2QAYB000715 -N2QAYB000863- -N2QAYB000486 -N2QAYB000430- -N2Q..
Brand: SKY Controles Model: SKY-7490
Controle Remoto Para Tv Philips Lcd Led Max-7490 / FBG-7490 / LHS-7490Compatível:39PFL3508G / 39PFL3508 / 39PFL4707G 39PFL4707 / 42PFL7404D / 7842PFL7404 / 39PFL3008D / 39PFL3008 / 39PFL3008D / 78 39PFL3008/ 42PFL5007G / 42PFL5007 / 42PFL5007G/78 42PFL5007 / 42PFL3707D / 42PFL3707 / 42PFL3707D / 78 ..
Brand: SKY Controles Model: SKY-7042
TV Samsung LCD LED plasma - SKY-7042 LE-7042 MAXX-7042Compatível com modelos de TV :BN59-01020A,BN5901042A, LN32C650, UN55C6500VF, UN55C6500VFXZA, UN55C6500VFXZC, UN55C6500VFXZX, UN55C6800, UN55C6800UF, UN55C6800UFXZA, UN55C6800UFXZC, UN55C6900, UN55C6900VF, UN55C6900VFXZA, UN60C6400, UN60C6400SF, U..
Brand: SKY Controles Model: SKY-9071
Controle Remoto Semp Toshiba Android 40 PolegadasSKY-9071 / MAXX-9071compatíveis:Rc802vC6C6usC6us65c6us32s650040s650043s650055c6us65c6us50p8m55p8m...
Brand: SKY Controles Model: SKY-8027
Controle Remoto Tv Semp Toshiba Tcl SmartSKY-8027 / LE-7811Botão Globo Play, NetFlixCompativeis:I32s4900s 49p2us 55p2us 65p2us I40s4900fs I43s4900fs I49s4900fs I55s4900fsRC802N YLI4 RC802N YLI5 repõe CT-8518 L39S4900S L43S4900FS L49S4900FS L55S4900FS 40S4900 39S4900 32S4900 65X3CUS 85X3CUS XESS X6 4..
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